“You can’t solve problems until you understand the other side.” – Jeffrey Manber

Karen is a lawyer with 20 years of litigation experience, and a nationally accredited mediator.

She has practised in a wide range of areas, particularly health law and medical negligence, professional and government liability, personal injury and workplace relations.

Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants, Karen has a unique appreciation of the parties’ different positions in terms of principles, values, bargaining styles, fears, concerns, and desired outcomes.

Karen has a strong belief in the effective use of early alternative dispute resolution methods to achieve results which:

  • produce a cost effective outcome for all concerned
  • enable an aggrieved party to be heard and validated
  • enable the conveyance of an apology or expression of regret and in turn, the validation of emotions and repair of relationships
  • enable the parties to communicate effectively and address the real issues, which may lead to a workable and truly successful resolution

Professional values and approach are focussed on: Thorough preparation. Listening. Understanding. Helping parties to resolve their disputes constructively and cost effectively.